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Smart Cushion Features

  • Variable force not fixed force
  • Severe Duty Performance
  • Lower average ridedown G forces
  • Low angle of exit on side impacts
  • Reduced snag potential on side impacts
  • Minimal spare parts required
  • Outstanding reset-ability
Smart Cushion Wire Rope and Cylinder Arrangement Attenuator Feature CABLE AND CYLINDER ARRANGEMENT - allows smaller vehicles longer ridedown distances, is reusable and usually only requires two shear bolts replaced after a frontal impact
Attenuator Side Panel Design Attenuator Feature SIDE PANEL DESIGN - reduces crushing and snag potential while smoothly redirecting on side impacts
 Support Gussets Attenuator Feature SUPPORT GUSSETS - reduces gap formation and panel deformation to prevent snagging on side impacts
Attenuator Side Guide Design Attenuator Feature SIDE GUIDE DESIGN - withstands side impacts with no damage
Attenuator Front Rollers Attenuator Feature FRONT ROLLERS - enhance smooth, aligned collapse by reducing friction and binding


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